Human Resources Consulting Solutions

HR Consulting is also available to mid, large, and Fortune 500 companies to manage specific projects, conduct special studies, and other solutions designed to meet their needs. Unlike start-ups and small companies, larger sized companies have established HR infrastructures and do not need the services we offer in our Business Services Plan for start-ups and small businesses. Fortune 500 Companies and other mid to large size companies are under constant pressure to be innovative, do more with less and maintain currency in the marketplace as it relates to the products they served. They are under pressure to generate leading edge products and services to their customers. They know that if they don’t, their competitors will step in and that they can, and potentially will put them out of business. No matter the industry, large companies all have two strategic thrusts in common; maximize their profits while keeping costs at an absolute minimal. To reiterate, large size companies have established HR infrastructures. However, they do have needs for consulting services to conduct specific projects, HR studies, identify cost reduction initiatives, provide training, produce work documentation, etc., among many possibilities requiring experienced consultants. We are unique! We provide consulting services addressing cost reduction, organization redesign, administer force reductions, etc., as well as staffing assistance where needed for new functions as part of organizational restructure. Our staffing services handles the recruiting, hiring and training of new employees as needed.